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5 Questions You MUST Ask Your Videographer

Wedding video in the making for Bree & Marvin

Just like any job, booking your wedding vendors starts with an interview. Be smart with your money and make sure that you will be happy with your vendors from start to finish! First you have to ask the right questions. Here are a few to consider:

1. Will you be the one shooting the wedding?

This may seem silly but remember that there are large companies who may use associate videographers so they can shoot more than one wedding per day. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because their quality may be excellent across the board. However, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the videographer who will be there throughout the day.

2. Are you more directive or observant?

This one applies to both your photographer and videographer. Before you ask the vendor, ask yourself, “Would I prefer to be instructed how to pose for each shot or let things happen naturally?” Of course, direction during portraits is a must, but certain events like a first look can be dramatically changed by the photo and video team. Do you want them to stop you every so often for created shots or would you prefer to just do your thing and allow them to capture what happens? Your team needs to be on the same page so they can fit your style.

3. What do you charge extra for?

AKA: Where are the hidden fees? Ask this of all your vendors! No one likes being surprised with extra charges later when you thought you booked a good deal. If their company is based far away from your location, do they charge for travel? If you want them to use a drone, does it cost extra for licensing and insurance? What about raw footage or extra DVD copies? You get the idea.

4. Do your packages include audio, if so, do you have back-ups?

Similar to question #3, find out if you will get to hear any of the events from the day without paying extra. Audio equipment means that you will enjoy listening to your wedding talk, your vows, your dad’s speech and other highlights. These are some of the nicest things people will every say about you, so it’s good to get them recorded for proof! These audio clips can be used as narration during your video to bring back all the emotions of the day. Having a few separate sources of audio for the most important parts can save your hiney. There have been many times when one source has gone out on us and we have profusely thanked our past selves for setting up multiple.

5. How many video angles will we get?

If you are looking at the base package of a video studio, you may only be getting 1 videographer. Even if that is the case, he/she may bring 2 or more cameras to set up and ensure you can see multiple angles of the most important events. For example, you will likely want to see yourself walking with your dad down the aisle while also catching the groom shed a tear (he better shed a tear!). Two angles are good, 3 are great for main events and after that it gets excessive. Unless you’re doing a choreographed dance scene or something. Come to think of it, if you’re doing a dance scene hit us up, that actually sounds fun. I’m thinking Footloose meets Dirty Dancing…

Do you have video-related questions and you’re not sure where to turn? Send us a message! We love educating couples so they can make the best decisions. No sales pitch, scouts honor.

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