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Should I Book a Video-Photo Combo Vendor?

Jenna & Blake's vendors were separate companies but provided excellent products and worked very well together

So, this topic may ruffle a few feathers as it is a tad controversial, but our goal is to inform, not divide…

One common misconception about wedding photography and videography is that they are so similar that one vendor can do both effortlessly. They both use cameras, right? So why not? Well, there is a reason that most wedding catering companies don’t also provide the wedding cake even though they both use an oven. Here are some things to think about before booking a photo/video combination vendor.

One product might shine while the other is mediocre. If the company specializes in either service and simply adds-on the other, that means that that the pictures will blow you away or the video will, but probably not both. In the long run, the price may be cheaper, but if you are disappointed with one of the products, then was the money saved truly worth it?

Gear is oriented toward the final product. The average wedding company only has enough resources to focus on one set of gear instead of spending the money for both photo and video cameras and accessories. The company also will often focus their research and time to develop one skill over the other as modern technologies and trends evolve. You deserve having an authority on each expertise at your wedding and not someone who just dabbles in it.

Photographers and videographers think differently. Film-making means seeing the bigger picture of the day and telling a story. With a trained videographer you get a professional who gathers clips of the day to be used in a storytelling fashion with fitting transitions and narration. Similarly, a trained photographer knows how to direct the couple effectively while aiming to get beautifully crafted still shots. It is simply not possible to think about both priorities at the same time.

If a company offers both services, ask them who will be doing each job and if that is their specialty.  Ultimately there’s nothing wrong with finding a vendor who performs both photo and video, but make sure that there is at least one team member who has an intimate knowledge of, and dedicated equipment for each service. This way you can be confident you will be thrilled with what you’ve invested in!

Do you have video-related questions and you’re not sure where to turn? Send us a message below! We love educating couples so they can make the best decisions. No sales pitch, scouts honor.

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