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What Exactly is Raw Video Footage?

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So, you go into your favorite breakfast joint and when asked what you’d like to order, you reply “two raw eggs with a side of toast please.”

“Uh, sure…” the server says. When your plates come around, you find two eggs rolling around next to slices of toast while your friend digs into a deliciously seasoned omelet.

So maybe raw footage won’t give you salmonella, but similar to raw eggs, it can be quite plain and a tad disappointing. Each video company might do things a bit differently, and you should discuss this specifically with the vendors you interview. Here are a few misconceptions to clear up in the meantime:

1. It will look like a documentary edit – Sometimes when couples hear the phrase “raw footage” they think they will be getting a compilation of clips that is the same quality as their edited video, but that is not the case. Raw footage usually comes as unedited clips from multiple cameras and multiple audio sources put on a hard-drive or CD. You won’t be able to pop it in the DVD player, get some popcorn and watch it from start to finish.

2. We will get coverage of the entire day – Just like Hollywood, most wedding videographers shoot for the edit meaning they choose shots that will make the edited film look amazing. So, raw footage only includes clips that are initially intended to be in the final video. The company will not run their cameras all day just for raw footage unless this was already agreed upon. Don’t assume that your raw footage is going to include the whole ceremony talk or your money dance if this wasn’t talked about beforehand.

3. I’ll make another video later – Unless you are a professional editor with the right programs and computer space, this might be more difficult than you anticipate.High quality clips turn into very large files that can be cumbersome to work with on the average desktop computer. Consider also the time and motivation factors. Even clients we’ve had who ARE professional editors said they weren’t too keen on editing their own video.

So then what is the purpose of raw footage? It is ultimately a way for you to hire someone at a later date to put together another video. When you are considering the packages from different vendors, try not to get too caught up in whether they offer raw footage, as it may not be as valuable as you think. Instead, the real value lies in the edit you will receive. Make sure you enjoy the quality of the company’s edits and will be happy with the length of the video you are paying for.

Do you have video-related questions and you’re not sure where to turn? Send us a message below! We love educating couples so they can make the best decisions. No sales pitch, scouts honor.

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