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Why Is Video SO Expensive?

Updated: May 26, 2019

Wedding vendor prices can often create anxiety!

You and your fiancé want the wedding of your dreams, but something keeps getting in the way… the pesky BUDGET. Oh, if only we could be independently wealthy! Price tags on wedding services can be a jaw-dropping and tear-inducing reality. This is a common complaint in the video department because many couples don’t quite understand why video price-points start so high or why the value of the product is worth that much.

For starters, our gear is ridiculously expensive. This industry is not for the tightfisted professional! The cameras alone cost at least $2500 each and that is not to mention a quiver of lenses, running approximately $1000 each. There is a plethora of support devices necessary to make each shot look smooth and exciting. This includes a steady cam, tripods, monopods, sliders, gimbals, and everyone’s favorite: a drone! Quality audio equipment and supportive lights add to the price tag but are absolute necessities to make a stellar product. Don’t forget, all these items eventually get old and must be replaced by the most recent technology every few years. Unfortunately, they are not one-time purchases.

Because of all that fancy-pants equipment, our insurance costs are high too. In addition, insurance premiums increase when using a drone since it is technically considered a “safety hazard”. To top it off, it is now illegal to fly a drone for professional use without obtaining an FAA license which, you guessed it… costs money!

The day of the wedding, you will likely be paying for the time of at least 2 videographers and this is because more camera angles means creating a more appealing, cinematic video. These camera operators/directors are not just pointing, shooting, and documenting the events. They know how to use light and motion to create clips that make your day beautiful. This took years of time and effort to learn and it is not easy to replace. Not to mention, weddings are exhausting! I don’t know about other professionals, but I know Tyler and I are absolutely beat in the morning after giving each couple 100% the previous day.

On the back end, as any videographer will agree, there is much more time spent on the edit than there is the day of the event. Unlike a photographer who may only have to apply a color grade to the finished product, a video team needs to assemble the clips in a creative and story-telling order, clean and sync audio, choose and overlay background music, as well as add transitions and color-grading. To complete all this beefy tech-work, the computer must be fast enough to process such large files, which is more expensive than your average consumer-level computer.

So, after you pick your jaw up off the floor from shock, think about the value of having a wedding video to cherish for years to come. Instead of scrapping the whole idea, do some research and find a company who fits your needs and delivers a quality product that you will be excited to invest in.

Do you have video-related questions and you’re not sure where to turn? Send us a message! We love educating couples so they can make the best decisions. No sales pitch, scouts honor.

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